From the streets

The welfare system seems to be designed not to help you in your time of need, but rather to punish you for the mistakes you may have made. My analogy is that I was quite a few rungs up that proverbial ladder, with a promising job and a place to live and food in my

How much can one man take?

When you fall down that ladder, one rung at a time, and finally slip off the bottom rung and fall on the ground, you believe, bad as it is, that you have finally hit rock bottom. There’s nowhere left to go, right?

The Walls are Closing in on Me

No idea why I keep blogging about all this. No one cares. That’s obvious. I guess it some perverse idea that I don’t want to just keel over from not having my meds and no one knows why. If it happens, I am reminded of that wise old saying about how much you’ll be missed.

Diary of a Diabetic

Had to happen. After a sleepless night Thursday because my feet were cramping up so bad, I knew I had to see my doctor. He phoned the pharmacy to order emergency meds for me, then gave me money out of his own pocket to pay for them. He’s such a great guy! When he tested

Desperation sets in

Not much left to say. I am on hold on the phone right now to Welfare, to beg them to give me some meds before I collapse. It’s been six weeks now and that is taking its toll on me. Add this deplorable heat to being without meds and the days and nights are not

Poem – Emily – Jewl

Into every child’s life must come a first pet To care for, love and cherish and yet There comes a day you know they’ll regret A day that will make you so very upset. For no matter how much you love them to death They don’t live forever. They will take their last breath. To

Diary of the darkness

Diary of the Darkness This is so utterly insane. I am writing this by flashlight, which is dumb enough, but I am doing this to avoid going completely insane. The water went out early in the morning. The power went out early afternoon. The wind is still howling and the rain is pelting down. On

Life is precious

Somehow I’ve made it through almost fifty-eight years on this planet without a life threatening incident. Sure, I’ve had some moments, like nearly going off the side of a mountain on my dirt bike, but I never viewed them as “life threatening”, or sensed my own mortality.

The Big “C”

This has been one of those life changing moments when you really wish you had that Leave It To Beaver type family, surrounded by family and friends, and with that special someone in your life to lean on and support you.

Dear Diary

February 27th Lenny graciously agreed to let me bunk out at her place again. Ain’t she great? Nice to have true friends, who understand what you’re going through and help out however they can. Couldn’t make her dinner because the ski club was having a “thank you” dinner for volunteers that helped out. Awesome dinner

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