Monthly Archives: April 2006

The day my family was dead to me

Even though I blogged about it before, it is impossible to really describe just how hard it was to get Mum into a care facility. Not a day went by that I wasn’t on the phone, harassing anyone who had anything to do with getting her into a facility where she needed to be. At one point, after she had been on “emergency” status for quite a while, which basically means they are waiting for someone to die, sad as that is, I managed to get through to the actual guy in charge of assigning spots. After a lengthy conversation about Mum, he finally said to me that he had three hundred and fifty people on the “emergency” list and far too few facilities to put them in. He asked me what I would do in his situation? I understood his dilemma.

New month – more work

Well, a new month and just more work. Starting to see some progress now that we’ve started actually building things and not just demolishing everything. The plumber was here and I’m so close to actually having a bathroom! Yippee! The old “open concept” blue bathroom will soon be history. The first coat of mud is on and the new sub floor is down.

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