Monthly Archives: June 2012

Sad State of Affairs

Life is beyond challenging right now. I’ve had to go off work on medical leave because the unbelievable stress of the job was causing my already poor health to deteriorate even more. My normally low blood pressure was dangerously elevated and my heart was racing. I’d gone from being stressed out coming home from work

The Story of the Ring

Many years ago, when things were going a lot better for me, I bought a diamond ring which was from an estate sale. I paid $400 and had an independent appraisal of $1,200. I treasured that ring and only took it off when I was working doing messy renovations. After I had virtually everything stolen

What’s more important – your job or your health?

This was my letter to Service Canada regarding filing for medical benefits – I find myself in an intolerable position with my current employer, Stream Global Services, here in London, and I need urgent advice. I started with this company October 12th, 2011 as a Customer Service Representative for the Bell Satellite TV contract. I

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