Man of God? Not likely.

The good. The bad. The Ugly

The Good

Thanks to the work not done by another dentist I found myself in excruciating pain. The area around the original tooth was infected. I contacted Dr. Carlos Valdez at Lake Chapala Dental Group and he proved to be simply amazing. I explained my situation with losing my pension but said that I would pay him as soon as I could. He said that was not a problem and to come in right away. During my first appointment with him he said that I needed to go to Chapala to get what he called a panoramic x-ray, but it was going to cost three hundred pesos and I told him I had no money. He said that he would make arrangements with the place I had to go and not to worry about it so I went. 

On my next appointment, after reviewing the x-ray, he said I needed a lot of work including at least three root canals. That needed a specialist from Guadalajara but he said he would speak to the specialist to see if he would give a discount for me. He did and he charged half of what he normally charged.  He came one day and I paid only one thousand pesos instead of the usual two.

Dr. Valdez kept making appointment after appointment to the point I was walking over every other day, all the while insisting that he was only going to charge me for materials. I kept protesting saying that I needed to pay him but he would have none of it. 

In one particular appointment, possibly because I wasn’t frozen properly, I had the worst pain I’ve ever had at a dentist in my entire life. The tears were streaming down my face and he kept saying how sorry he was. 

The Bad

I found myself in huge trouble after my landlord put my rent up forty percent and demanded the money early or he wouldn’t repair all the problems with my apartment, like flooding every night because the roof leaked. I was going through some very dark times and considered ending it all. The second last day I went to Dr. Valdez after he finished he went to make more appointments again. I gave him a thousand pesos and asked if we were clear. He said we were. I broke down, shook his hand, thanked him and told him I would not be coming anymore. There was no point. He told me later that he was troubled by what happened. 

After I made the dumbest move of my life escaping to Progreso Dr. Valdez had texted me about being worried about me and I told him I was leaving. He insisted that I needed one more appointment for him to finish the work or I would end up getting infected again and be in pain. As rushed as I was to move I went to his office first thing the morning I was moving. I told him that I had found a friend in Guadalajara who was going to sell all my things. He asked about my computer and I told him that I was going to take it, but I was selling my big screen monitor and my printer (cost 5,000 pesos). He said he wanted the monitor, (cost 4,000 pesos) offering me three thousand pesos and his brother-in-law had just had his office broken into and everything stolen so he probably wanted the printer. I had the monitor and the printer delivered to him and I gave him my executive chair (cost 2,000 pesos) as thanks for what he had done for me. 

The Ugly

After moving to Progreso I asked Dr. Valdez to deposit the money to my landlord’s bank so he could give it to me. I explained in a text message that I was struggling to buy food so I would really appreciate receiving the money. That was on September 5th.

What followed was two months of lies and false promises to send the money. He was out of town at one point at a conference in the US but he said his accountant would send me fifteen hundred pesos and he would send the balance as soon as he got back. He didn’t. Finally he sent me a message that he didn’t have the money and told me to have someone pick up the monitor and the printer. My good friend, Arnie, agreed to pick them up for me. I intended to post them for sale on Facebook. 

Out of the blue I got a series of very insulting, ignorant messages from Dr. Valdez. He said that he was keeping the monitor to pay dental fees that previously he said were paid in full. Suddenly he was going back to the first appointment we had, the one where he agreed to only charge me for materials and was now back charging me dental fees. I protested, obviously, pointing out his original agreement with me and the fact that he had said my account was paid in full when I gave him the last one thousand pesos. He got even more ignorant, asking me if I was going to cry again? He said he was keeping (stealing) my monitor and that was that. He told me to have a good life in Canada.

On my first appointment I noticed he had a bible open on his desk. Whenever we talked about my troubles he kept saying that God would look after me and to have faith. Naturally I assumed that he was a man of God and would never do what he has done to me. Hopefully karma or God himself takes care of him appropriately. 


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