Based in West Kelowna (formerly Westbank), they have been providing trail riding and related events for over old_site twenty-eight years. The previous site was written in a very cumbersome and proprietorial code, making it very difficult for anyone other than the developer to make changes. Site navigation was awkward and, most importantly, the site left a lot of screen Real Estate unused.

The new site, based on a WordPress theme, provides a more professional look, uses all of the screen, provides a host of new features, such as a photo gallery and Booking Form and allows for easy blogging and adding new photos, all by the owner.

The site is also eCommerce ready with a plug-in that will allow clients to not only complete the required information on the Booking Form, but also allow them to prepay for the ride, which avoids clients cancelling at the last minute when preparations have already been made for the ride. Prepayment allows the owners to simply reschedule the ride and not lose the money from a cancellation.


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