Not long ago before the birth of the Internet…

STAR WARSBefore The Web Was Born

StarDate 2013.09.20

Long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away..

Back before the Internet, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube the inhabitants of Planet Earth had to write actual letters, call people on the telephone or even talk face to face.

The only way for anyone to become infamous was to commit a haneous crime, like murder, or become famous by being a movie star, adored by millions. These were the only two ways to get your "fifteen minutes of fame".

Today we have all these wonderful new tools to make our mark on the world. Anyone wth a smart phone can create a video that will go "viral" with millions of views by total strangers.

Your simple 140 character Tweet can be retweeted over and over without you lifting a finger.

Your Faceook friends can learn what you are having for dinner, or when you are going to bed, almost as if they cared.

The birth of email sent everyone scramblng to get their name @ the popular address of the time, like Hotmail, AOL, Gmail and others.

What we didn't know in our rush to get these unique email addresses was how we were opening our world to receive hundreds of junk mail messages every day.

Now that all of the great email addresses are taken how do we make our mark on the world? How do we lock down our own little corner of the World Wide Web?

The answer is a Personal Website. You might be surprised just how many common domains are still available for your name.

Popular domains like .ca, .info, .net and even some .com might still be yours.

Use the Force, Luke!

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Finally, Hans shot first and the original, unadulterated movies remain the best. Stop fiddling with them, George!






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