Life is what happens while you are making other plans

This is an email I sent to my dear friend, Heather, today –  Hope your surgery went well and you are on the mend. Sucks to get old, eh? Well, life is getting even more challenging, if that is even possible. I think for the first time in my life I am totally lost as

Why I don’t regret leaving Canada

There was a recent article in CuencaHighLife about why Expats go home. Many try to avoid that I told you so from friends and family by making up a cover story. It’s a sick parent that needs care. My kids need my support. I need surgery and would feel more comfortable having it at home.

Are We Having Fun Yet?

This is yours truly’s personal experience as a Canadian coming to Ecuador to live out what’s left of my life. This post is more of a journal covering my preparations for filing for residency as a pensionado and my journey to avoid being forced to return to Canada. Your own experience will be determined by

My Facebook Post

Admittedly out of total desperation, I did this post on Facebook. I got a lot of responses, mostly sympathy and one offer to invest which turned out to be bogus. A friend recently wrote a very lengthy post about her health challenges and she generated a huge amount of support, which I’m sure she appreciated.

The only constant in life is change

This website was originally mostly for my kids, just in case they or the five grandkids I have, who I have never met, ever wondered about me. Then it was the model for a project I developed, YourLifeDomain, which I honestly believed would be very successful because it allowed everyone to have their very own

A near death experience changes your perspective on life.

Last night was as close as I ever hope to come. My cabana is freezing so I have a fire going constantly while I work on my computer. Every once in a while my landlady will come down to deliver a meal and she’ll comment on how much smoke there is, something I don’t often

Another one of those life moments

We all experience those life-changing moments – getting married; the birth of a child; the death of a parent; changing careers; traumatic experiences and major health issues. They change our life path and shape who we are. Life is a combination of opportunity, dumb luck, fate and our own decisions. Among my life changing moments


Decades ago, back when I started to dabble in the computer business, everything was DOS based, the IBM operating system. It was awkward, cumbersome, counter-intuitive and basically just a pain. Getting anything done involved a knowledge of cryptic commands that took forever to learn. Bill Gates realized that we all needed a better way to

When your body starts falling apart. It will happen to you someday too.

The expression “the raves of the ages” is no more appropriate than when it comes to your body and your health. The years catch up to you long before you’re ready. Yes, someday you will need the dreaded pill minder to keep track of all your pills and when to take them. That medicine cabinet

Never underestimate how much of a difference you can make

This was a very sobering experience and came as quite the surprise. My last post asked my “friends” to help me with the most important decision in my life. I am alone here in London with no friends to talk to and I hoped that people who I felt had been close friends in the