The Impossible Dream

It’s been forever since a woman got to me like this From that first photo it’s been pure bliss She was the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen How it would progress

The Rose

The Rose My heart aches, my knees are weak Losing this sorrow is all that I seek Dreams of the future now only regrets Alone without you is as bad as it

Don’t Go There

Words   When to explain I try to endeavour Your only response – “whatever”. When I suggest we get “touchy-feely” Your only response – “oh, really?” When over the line I venture

Just Be Friends

This one is for all the broken-hearted men Who feel that they will never love again. They had found the one they’d been searching for Someone to love unconditionally and truly adore.

Then and Now

THEN AND NOW   No matter the weather, every morning was bright Because each day her vision was my very first sight. Now every morning is cloudy and grey Regrets are all

You stole my heart

You stole something from me while you were here A thing that to me I hold quite dear. I knew it would be gone, right from the start, I know it’s broken,


I was sitting at our usual table at the Legion When a girl stood up and she was a vision Blondes have always been my nemesis And this one was sure one

Forever Love

No matter what, you will always be my “forever love”.   My vision for this Valentine’s Day cannot come true The cabin in the woods, the roses, just me and you There
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