Forever Love

No matter what, you will always be my “forever love”.


My vision for this Valentine’s Day cannot come true

The cabin in the woods, the roses, just me and you

There was wine and strawberries with cream

The kind of things of which you can only dream.


To kiss and to cuddle and make love all night

To show you my love in ways to delight.

My heart is bursting with feelings for you

You are my “once in a lifetime love”, it’s true


Without you loving me I don’t know what to do.

Am I just to be your friend? Please give me a clue

Is there any hope for me to cling to the hope?

Or does that just make me even more of a dope?


So sorry that the words in my blogs hurt you

Honesty is the best policy? Not always true

I just wanted to be the man in your life

And to believe someday you’d be my wife.


Great memories are many, I hope you agree

I want to believe it’s not over for me.

Your mind seems made up. Is there no chance

That you and I can still find romance?


You’ve found another. You think he’s the one

If that’s true, then, yes I agree, I am done.

I know I have wronged you and deserve to lose

But I still believe I’m the right one to choose.


Thoughts of you consume all of my days

I love you so much, in so many ways.

Your beauty excites me beyond belief

You have stolen my heart, you wonderful thief.


No woman has ever meant more to me

You are my reason for living, can’t you see?

For without you I am a broken man

To live all alone, don’t think that I can.


I lay down at night, thinking of you

I wake the next day and the same is true

That you came into my life to love

Is the most wonderful gift from above.


No one will ever love you like I do.

No one will ever completely understand you.

No one will ever bring laughter your way

No one will work harder to make your day

No one will ever help you all that he can

Because no other just wants to be your man.


If you find true love I will become a distant memory

But deep in my heart I hope, if you ever think of me

I hope you remember all the good that we had

And that for a fleeting moment you’re glad.


That you met me and loved me for a little while

That thoughts of you and me make you smile.

“ILYB”, “ILYMB” and so much more

Texting and talking were what I adore.


Making love to you was what heaven’s about

That I could please you, my name to shout

“Wait! Wait” were words of music to my ears

Was I good enough? You calmed all my fears.