You stole something from me while you were here
A thing that to me I hold quite dear.
I knew it would be gone, right from the start,
I know it’s broken, but can I have back my heart?

And now for the rest of the story…..

Thoughts of rhyme have long since died
Without inspiration I’ve not even tried
Now you come along to light the flame
Of burning desire to write it again.

We are the sum of the people we’ve met
Some bring good, some bad, and yet
We learn from each and every one
To avoid the mistakes others have done.

Visions of you and that cute little wink
You lighten my heart and make me think
About dreams I’ve not had for a while.
Every thought of you brings on a smile.

Your wonderful laugh and twinkling eyes
Stir feelings in me I can not disguise.
Our time together was all too brief
That my feelings are strong is beyond belief.

You’re gone now just as fast as you came.
No more time together – such a shame.
Your life goes right back to the way it was.
Mine now changed forever, you are the cause.

My memories of our time bring on a smile
To say I don’t care would be such denial.
To hold you, caress you and share a kiss
Those wonderful memories are all such bliss.

To cuddle, caress and make love
Would truly be a gift from above.
I got a glimpse of how it might be
If I were yours and you were free.

It’s said that in every life two people exist
Who will be perfect matches you can’t resist.
Now that you’ve come and gone away
I am very sad that it ended that way.

“Hope springs eternal” it’s often said
But my heart must listen to my head
You are so perfect – gorgeous and smart
But logic must prevail, forget my heart.


A different place and a different time?
Isn’t knowing that it “might be” sublime?
Now everyone else will be compared to you
They’ll fail ‘cause to you I’m true.

Ah, the possibilities, tho’ you say “Don’t Go There”,
But memories of you, they’re everywhere.
It’s like there was nothing before you came along
To fill me with hope, dreams and song.

Thoughts of you never go away.
Why this happened now I cannot say.
Maybe the dream is better in fact
You may not like the way I act.

You must have faults, yes, only a few
Certainly no better or worse than I do
We are two different people that we know
But in the same direction, couldn’t we go?

It would be swell to just have the chance
Just to see if there could be romance
Give the dream a chance to come true
You think it’s something we should really do?

There are probably others who’d question why
I would even think to give it a try
When those around might not agree
That you and I, together should be.

That our paths crossed now must be fate.
Such strong emotion that feels just great.
Yet the depth of affection I feel for you
Is dashed by what I know to be true.

That you are pledged to another I cannot ignore.
It’s the painful truth of what came before.
The mere chance of our meeting cannot change
The course of our lives, no matter how strange.

You say I don’t know you, suggesting that’s bad.
What I do know is, without you, I’m left very sad.
Little doubt in my mind that you’re probably right
But my heart says it’s a lot more than one night.

For you are the one I’ve been waiting for
That’s more than you want I cannot ignore
But I speak out no matter the cost
The simple truth – without you I’m lost.

Words of the songs have new meaning to me
Before you came along my mind could not see
How long dead emotions had grown so cold.
It’s wondrous to feel alive before I’m too old.

You spun and you twirled at the beat of the dance
Just like my heart with thoughts of romance
You made me proud just to be with you
Sad that you’re gone now, and I’m so blue.

I wake in the morning and wish you were there
To touch your satin skin and silken hair.
To caress your back and kiss your ear
God, how I long for you to be here

For all too brief moments, my world was okay
Then it was shattered when you went away
My cup was half-full when you were near
Now only half-empty without you here.

When I climb into my bed at night
I squeeze my eyes down very tight
Grasping for the visions of you and me
With you by my side the way it should be.

A hopeless romantic I am, it’s true
I guess that I’ve proven it with you.
But I’d rather live with my dreams
Than consider the facts, it seems.

The pangs of happiness turn to sorrows
When I stop to think about tomorrows
Will I ever meet another who can compare?
To the wondrous woman I met, it’s not fair.

That you’ve got other plans, I cannot deny
Get on with my life and don’t ask why
You came along and moved me so
That these feelings can exist at least I know.

What “might have been” is now lost
That I miss you so much is the cost
Of dropping my guard and letting you in
You showed me how unhappy I’ve been.

We all need our fantasies just to survive.
Thanks to you, mine are alive.
I always wondered how you’d appear
I thought when you did, I’d keep you near.

When I first came west in ninety-three
Never again married did I think I’d be.
‘til now never met a girl to change my mind
To remind me that I am the “marrying kind.”

In my wildest dreams I didn’t think
You could steal my heart with one little wink.
Or that when you appeared in my life
I’d want you forever as my, ah, friend.