I was sitting at our usual table at the Legion

When a girl stood up and she was a vision

Blondes have always been my nemesis

And this one was sure one not to miss

Her dance moves made my heart skip a beat

I just knew that we needed to meet

I got up my courage to go and talk to her

That she could dance with me I wasn’t sure

What to say to her I started to worry

I said my name but she said “I’m sorry”

She was sorry about my name?

That was a first. Was I to blame?

She laughed and said her name was Sornia

So much better but I thought she said Sonia

Only later did I learn that was wrong

I’d finally get it right. It wouldn’t be long

Her hair. Her eyes. Her smile had my heart in a whirl

I wondered to myself if she could be my girl.

My friend said to take it slow. Don’t frighten her off

But I was so worried it would not be enough

Total honesty has been my crutch for my whole life

And I sure knew being honest about being my wife

Would end it before it had even could begin

Caution would rule if her heart I could win

But I blew it by making a comment I’d regret

“When we get married forget a cigarette

The choice between you and smoking is clear as a bell”

Being with you is pure heaven. Smoking is pure hell

She is the very best dance partner I’ve ever had

That I found her at last sure makes me glad

What the future will hold who really knows?

That there’s only two perfect people really shows

Just how hard it is to find your soulmate

Especially when right now we don’t even date

She says she wants to be my “friend”

That dreaded “kiss of death” to the end

But hope springs eternal is what they say

So I won’t give up until she says “no way!”

A hopeless romantic is certainly me

With her in my life so very happy I’d be