No matter the weather, every morning was bright

Because each day her vision was my very first sight.

Now every morning is cloudy and grey

Regrets are all I have to face the new day.


My sleep was blissful with her in my arms

Lying naked beside me with all of her charms.

Alone now I toss and turn, ever so lonely

This bed is a tomb now that it’s empty.


Our arms wrapped round just felt so right

To kiss and make love and hold on so tight.

Now my pillow is all that’s left to hold

No warmth from her body, only the cold.


Read the papers and have our orange juice

No tension, no stress, always so loose.

Now pain is the first thought, wanting to cry

Knowing she’s gone, but not knowing why.


Planning our day with each other in mind

No more kindred spirits would you ever find.

Now no reason is there to enjoy this day

Just getting through it is the only way.


So many things to share with my “sweet girl”.

My joy knew no bounds, my heart in a whirl.

Now no one to share even my grief

The wonder of together was all too brief.


Her beauty to admire and to love her smile

Her laughter and her love were so worthwhile.

Now only visions of what was hoped to be

A shared love that I will never again see.


We danced like two people becoming as one

Shared laughter and good times and had such fun.

Now memories are all I try to forget

They bring only sadness, sorrow, regret.


She taught me to roller-blade with the best

Pushing me hard with never enough rest.

How can I blade without thinking of her?

Regretting I’m not with the one I prefer.


Making love on the beach across the lake

So tender and sweet for each other’s sake.

Now the boat’s like the love – gone to another

From this enormous pain how will I recover?


She was the best thing that ever happened to me

My heart had grown cold and she set it free.

Now my heart aches as I thought it could not

Painful sorrow and hurt I thought I’d forgot.


When I was with her I felt such pride

To know that she was there by my side.

To have thought it would go on forever

That out of my life she’d be – no never!


My heart skipped a beat at the thought of her

So filled with hope, joy, love and wonder.

Now there’s nothing left but the empty ache

Of a love lost and the very soul she did take.


So many memories of wonderful days

Spent together in such special ways.

Now the only memories are oh so bad

Anger and frustration just make me sad.


Her building a fire and me cooking dinner

Giving her comfort made me a winner

To now know that these things were not enough

To make her love me in return is so tough.


Those great, fun days skiing at Silver Star

She challenged me to go ever so far

Now I wonder if I ever again ski

What’s the point when there’s only me.


How many lunches and dinners have we shared?

Always great conversations ‘bout things we cared.

Now no desire to eat out anymore

Hardly a reason to go out the door.


So many conversations over the phone

Honest opinions shared with each one.

Now I just wait for the phone to ring

To hear her sweet voice is the thing.


Giving my love without question

To be hurt? Not even a suggestion.

But giving my heart to the love of my life

Has brought so much pain, hurt and strife.


With her in my thoughts I knew my plan

Her warmth and affection made me a man.

She’s gone and took away my meaning

Lost without her is the way I’m leaning.


Every love song spoke of the way I feel

True love? Yes these feelings were real.

Now the hurting songs are much more true

They speak of sorrow, pain and being blue.


The future was bright, as together we’d be

No more lonely and sad, not with “you and me”

Now gone is my soul along with my heart

Dark clouds of despair now we’re apart.


Memories you created every single day

Of the things you did in your own special way

Now those memories will fade as time goes by

The most hurtful part is I’ll never know why.