Poem – Denise – Birthday


Just like the dawn of a new day
Hope blossoms in a special way
Thoughts of what might be fill my heart
She’s special, that I knew from the start

Like so many people we met on the net
We kidded; we flirted; had fun and yet
She was with another so part of her life
Was being a mother and also a wife.

No danger here I thought
For love was what I sought
No she could never be more than a friend
My lonely heart, she would not mend

But there might be more here, we both knew
And as time went by it became more true
We joked and we laughed to the point of tears
The more we chatted, the less our fears

That fateful day when I first heard her voice
To meet her I knew I had no choice
Right from the start we acted like more
Her obvious charms I began to adore

No subject was off limits to her
Well, except one for me for sure
Not impossible but a struggle for me
Raw emotion springs from the big “C”

I’ll deal with it because it’s a part of her
That it didn’t exist we’d much prefer
But sometimes reality can really suck
Often a matter of pure dumb luck

She forgave me and said to move on
Her strength and conviction, it shone
She’s learned to treasure every single day
Not live for tomorrow but enjoy today

To some it sounds like I’m being a jerk
We’re so far apart how can it possibly work?
Often said, where there’s a will, there’s a way
We may well test that theory some future day

For now there’s only the unknown
But so far she has clearly shown
There is the promise of tomorrows
To ease the pain of our past sorrows

There may well be blips, stumbles and falters
But she’s worth the effort, this Denise Walters.
These thoughts I share on your special day
May your birthday be special in every way.