Poem – Denise – Meeting

She came into my life by pure accident
Time on MyYearbook I had never spent
But by a twist of fate I had go to the site
Something inside of me told me it’s right.

It’s said love comes along when you’re not looking
Maybe it’s just a matter of being more willing?
No matter. the point is she found me by chance
How it all got started was pure circumstance.

Don’t get me wrong, but it wasn’t right away
She was a friend of a friend I met that day
Who told me married was she,
So no thoughts of together we’d be.

Her friend cut me off quick, for no obvious reason
I guessed she was one of those friends for a season
But her friend stuck with me and tried to explain
That she had some “issues” and might come again.

The more we talked the more I liked her
Maybe it was going to be her that I prefer?
But I blew it with those fateful words, I knew
“Oh, no, I don’t want to sleep with you.”

No words have I ever uttered in my life
For me they are going to cause much strife
You see, some women can forgive and forget
Others, like her? Remember forever? You bet!

The hours flew by, texting and talking all day
I knew she was getting to me in her special way
But I’ve been hurt before so I held back a bit
That brick wall of sorrow I’d rather not hit.

Then came the day we would actually meet
Was this real? My excitement couldn’t be beat.
But nervous was I what she’d think of me
Would she still want me and together we’d be?

My heart raced. My pulse quickened. She was so near!
How do I act? What do I say? God, filled with such fear!
But the van door was open and I could see her there
My first thought was to just stop and just stare

She was a vision, more than I had ever dreamed
A first meeting is always scary, yet it seemed
In an instant we were comfortable with each other
In the same instant I knew I’d not want another

She has insisted on a hug and a kiss when we met
But I thought this was rushing a bit, and yet
Here was this incredible woman in front of me
How could I resist? I knew perfect it would be.

She hugged me tight and wouldn’t let go
Right then and there we both seemed to know
That this was the start of something great
To have met each other before it’s too late.

That day we spent was the best of my life
First time I thought again about taking a wife
We held hands from the start; it felt so right
I was almost speechless and knew she might

Actually be the girl of my dreams here right now
My mind was racing, just thinking about how
I would keep her forever and yet I knew
She’s still married and not a lot I can do

She has a life, a family, friends and a career
It wouldn’t matter how much I held her dear
All she got with me was someone who would care
To suggest much more than this I did not dare.
My caution told me that as the day went by
She could not be so perfect and I’d learn why
This was not my dream girl in that special way
She would do something or surely she’d say

What would for me be a sign to run
But all that happened is we had more fun
Every minute got better as the day wore on
Even God was smiling on us as the sun shone.

The day was hot and humid as Hades, beyond belief
We should have sought shelter to get some relief
But we stood in the blazing sun, my arms round her
Never ever letting her go was what I’d prefer.

To the bar we went, for some food I thought
But liquid nourishment was all that I got.
As we sipped and talked things got frisky
I knew we’d better leave or it would get risky.

My hands were under her skirt, sneaking up just a bit
If I went much further, the guys all watching, she’d have a fit
We knew where this was going; we had to get somewhere
Our lust was too obvious; they were beginning to stare.

The little park in Churchville was all I could think about
But would it be private e enough? I had more than one doubt.
Like silly teenagers we were dying to get at each other
It might have been a ten minute drive, but what a bother!

“Take it slow”, I said to myself, or afraid she’ll be
But I sensed she was as anxious as me
We went down by the river and the towels were laid
Which is exactly what I was thinking, I’m afraid

She said “off with my hat and throw away the gum”
“No problem”, said I “Look out here I come!”
What happened next you’ll have to ask her
Because staying private I know she’d prefer.

Let’s leave it that the “river” is special ‘til the day we die,
But in a million years you’ll not find out why.

Sometimes it seems like all we ever do is text
Both of us wondering what will come next
Neither one of us knows what it will take
To be together so I life we can make.

But hope springs eternal they say
So I pray that someday we will find a way.

To the love of my life, my BabyGirl.