One box of Loblaws’ Butcher’s Choice burgers (very tasty) on sale for $4.99 for box of eight. D’Italiano Crustini buns, on sale for $2.77 for pack of eight. Cheese slice, Kraft singles on sale for $2.00, bit of mustard and mayo. Splurge on dill pickles, $2.97 for a small bottle of sliced. Dinner for eight nights, although not a lot of variety. less than $1.50 a meal! If you can do without bread or milk for a couple of days, you can mix it up with bacon, No Name on sale for $2.99, or exotic things like mushrooms. What you can’t afford is fresh vegetables like lettuce, tomatoes or onions because these have gone up 18% in the last year, with no increase in the food allowance from welfare.
all prices quoted are from Adrian’s No Frills in the Argyle Mall.

If you live in the London area Doris Family Produce at the Covent Garden Market sells a nifty little bag of prepared carrots and cele