Phantom Lover

When we are together it’s simply pure bliss

We hug. We laugh. We make love and we kiss

Our special moments together – what love’s all about

That we will be together some day there is no doubt.


But right now we are not to be

Her kids are the problem you see

To them I am nothing and don’t exist

Letting me into their lives she can only resist.


If they learn of me now it might be tough

To understand why? It could get rough

Mom is not allowed to be in love right now

She doesn’t deserve to be happy, no matter how.


She says I am special, but all I know

Is that my love I am not allowed to show.

With her kids we pretend to be just friends

No idea how this bad joke ever ends.


My heart aches to be with her

To show my love I’d much prefer

My struggles are many, but I’ll I know

Is without her I’d be at an all-time low.


She is the only reason I am where I am today

My life was a train wreck in every way

I’ve been struggling to get back on my feet

No matter how hard I tried I was always beat.


Many days I thought it was all too much to take

Dark thoughts filled my head. Bad decisions I’d make.

How she came into my life, it had to be fate

All I do know is I’m glad it was not too late.


She stirred feelings in me I had all but forgot

To be so much in love was what I had sought

But I’d given up searching for that special one

Who my heart and soul she would have won.


From the moment we met it was love at first sight

To have her in my life forever would be my plight

I yearn to spend every moment together with her

But for now I can only be her Phantom lover.