For some unknown reason, maybe call it just good luck, for the last few months I have been friended by numerous twenty something girls on Facebook and they all share some very nice photos, some of which you would call “private”. I end up chatting with some of them, many for hours at a time. The first thing I do in our chats is share my photo, which always leads to the question of how old I am. I respond with old as dirt and when they ask again I tell them to guess. It’s good for my ego that not one of them has guessed over mid-fifties and they are usually shocked when I tell them I’m seventy-one. Of course some of them chat for a while and then ask me for gift cards, which I won’t do, both as a matter of principle and because I can’t afford it. The result is that I lose some of them because all they are just looking for is money. A few ask for money to send me naked photos, but I won’t do that either.