Thanks to my Dad mostly, I had many great bikes over the years. Way back when I was sixteen and still in school I bought a Honda 90 street bike to get back and forth quickly instead of the long bus tour home. Great as it was to be able to get around cheaply, I still felt like a bug on the highway. I don’t remember what my top speed was, but it wasn’t enough to keep up with the traffic coming out of what was Streetsville at the time. I was always thankful to turn off the busy highway onto Derry Road West and then the Fifth Line.

Funny that I have zero recollection what ever happened to that bike. I did end up getting a car and I must have sold the bike to buy the car, but I can’t remember. All these years later, taking the bus everywhere, I sure would like to have that little Honda 90 today. Would also be nice to “get outta Dodge” on the week-ends to spend some time outside the city.