Sometimes life sucks the big one

Haven’t heard a thing from the police, naturally. I’ve been out driving around almost every night hoping beyond hope to find the little shit. Guess it’s a good thing in a way because I’d lose it on him and be charged myself. I am so miffed about losing all of the pictures from the weekend. That is a REAL drag. There were some really good ones in there of Capilano and sunsets and, oh well, gone now.

Can’t say enough about Canadian Tire. I phoned them originally to see about getting a serial number for the police. Spoke to a lovely girl called Amanda who could not have been more helpful. Even though they had no record of the serial number, she spoke to the Manager in the Sports Dept and they offered me a new bike at the sale price I originally paid, even though it’s not on sale. Great people at CTC.

On the camera front, I’ve had a lot of digital cameras (yes, the last one was stolen too), some good and some bad, but my little Panasonic, which was the cheapest of the them all, was the best. I wasn’t in any hurry to buy anything else, but then I realized I NEED a camera to record my renovation. After all this I can’t suddenly stop now, so off I went to XS Cargo, in the very faint hope they would still have one. Bonus! They did, so I can now keep up with the reno. Today’s installment is a big one, for me anyway, because we finally got the window in! My very first window install and it went very well. We took our time and did everything right and it works beautifully. Really adds a lot of daylight to the living room, which is just what I wanted. Pics on this blog.

My life certainly has changed since last weekend. Been pretty darned quiet without the nightly phone calls. Guess it’s for the best. I am regrettably accepting my new single status and heading off to see Step Up tonight – a new dance movie, and I’m off to Penticton tomorrow for Peachfest, and to see my Salmon Armenians and The Powder Blues Band. No dancing on the grass this time I guess. Sunday I’m heading up to bike the Kettle Railway bypass, which I haven’t done yet. Have a good one!

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