More than half the voters in America voted against Trump for President and he has done little to appease his dissenters. The world is watching to see if his rhetoric becomes reality or if he missteps his way into obscurity.

One country that has to be particularly concerned is Mexico. One of the benefits could well be a surge in Real Estate values, both because of Mexicans moving back, no doubt some of them illegal and fearing deportation under Trump’s new immigration policy, and Americans who have long been threatening to leave the US if Trump was elected. Anyone considering Mexico as a retirement destination may well update their timing to get out while the getting is good.

On the downside Trump’s threats to tear up NAFTA threatens the economy of Mexico. No question that NAFTA benefited Mexico big time with all the new manufacturing and good jobs, like with the auto industry. If Trump intends to make America great again by restoring auto industry jobs back to Detroit with the loss of those jobs in Mexico that could spell serious trouble for Mexico. The peso is already at its lowest level and could fall even further if Trump tears up NAFTA.

Mexico is already reporting an uptick in Real Estate activity so people are already reacting to the election. No one knows for sure what any of Trump’s policies are in detail because he’s never explained a thing. Do the idle threats become reality or not? People are betting their future on what they believe will happen without knowing anything factual. Trump has stated a long list of priorities for his government but what comes first and will congress let him have his way? He’s big on getting rid of Obamacare, having signed an Executive Order his first minutes in the Oval Office. If he holds true to his promises to destroy LGBT rights, minority rights, pensioner security and even women’s rights no doubt lots of people will look for greener pastures. Will this mean Mexico? Time will tell.