Well, a new month and just more work. Starting to see some progress now that we’ve started actually building things and not just demolishing everything. The plumber was here and I’m so close to actually having a bathroom! Yippee! The old “open concept” blue bathroom will soon be history. The first coat of mud is on and the new sub floor is down.

We’ll be moving the bathroom cabinet in soon and laying the vinyl, then (ta da) the toilet will be put in. The sink will have to wait for the counter-tops I’ve ordered, so this will be about ten days. Very impressed with the vanity cabinets I got through Home Hardware. They’re from a company in Peterborough, Ontario called Masterbrands. About the only KD furniture I’ve ever put together in my life that actually was simple and went together exactly the way it should. They obviously wrote the instructions on this side of the pond, which is welcome change, and they had lots of pictures to show you what to do. Very smart. I’m looking at them for the kitchen cupboards now too.

The old green siding is starting to come off. I haven’t finalized the plan for this area just yet, but something had to be done because the siding was damaged in this area – putting the BBQ too close and so on. The rest of the siding is in great shape and I may look at just painting it. We are painting the white stripe that goes all the way around the house a matching darker green colour. Looks good.

Going to take a bit of a break this weekend from the 12 hour work days. We’re going to Vancouver for the weekend. Really looking forward to blading in Stanley Park, biking downtown and going to Granville Island, IMAX, Boon County and maybe Whiterock if we have time. We might get to the big fireworks finale if it’s not too crazy downtown.