Would you believe it gets worse?

If you wonder why there are so many homeless people, consider my situation. After the fiasco with the Salvation Army Centre of Hope, where they kicked me out because they screwed up, costing me a 42 day stay, they sent me to the Mission mens’ shelter. It was now after August 1st, so they said I could stay there for the 42 days. Although not the best place in the world, at least I had a bed, meals and a place to shower. There was a tiny glimmer of hope.

When I returned to the centre from job searching I found my bed stripped. No idea why so I went to the office where they told me I couldn’t stay because I was on OW. When I told them again what the Centre of Hope told me, they said there was nothing they could do. They had received a call from OW late Friday afternoon telling them I was ineligible to stay, The guy at the desk said OW often does this just before closing on Fridays so there is no way to contact them. He told me to come back Monday morning and speak to a case worker. I told him I had nowhere to stay or eat for the weekend, but he said there was nothing he could do. This with the place half empty as well.

The strangest part in all of this is that I happened to start talking to a guy in exactly the same situation before we checked in. He had gone to the Centre of Hope for two days, but they told him he couldn’t stay either and sent him to the Mission. He told the Mission the exact same story I had, but he didn’t get kicked out. Makes no sense.

I just needed a little bit of help to get back on my feet and get off OW. I actually have a job interview on Monday morning, which I explained to the Mission. I asked what frame of mind did they think I would be in after sleeping in my car; not eating and not showering? Hardly the right preparation for a job interview. I have never been closer to giving up in my life. It all seems so hopeless.

If I have ever touched your life and you care a little if I live or die, please visit www.onelifetosave.org and donate the price of a cup of coffee. Maybe even let others know to do the same. It will save my soul. Thank you.

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