When I was doing extensive research on going to Mexico in my elusive search for somewhere with a lower cost of living I knew that if I stayed I would lose my GIS pension because i was out of the country for more than six months. That was abut a third of my income so I knew that I had to find a replacement to survive. 

I searched and searched for websites ab9ut Ajijic but all I could find were sites promoting Real Estate. There was no site that was a city guide for both tourists and locals, so created AjijicToday several months before going. I had talked to my new friend, Francis Dryden, who assured me that it would be easy to generate the very limited income I needed to replace my lost pension.

Nothing could have been more wrong. I spent countless hours building one of the best sites I’ve ever done. It had everything. When it came time to start marketing the site I knew that my Spanish was far too limited to be able to meet with clients so I started looking for an outside sales consultant. I designed a really attractive package for them where they got the first month’s revenue as commission, plus they got it every year the client stayed with us. My plan was to have the same city guide in every community around Lake Chapala and there would be a rep in every town and village and the first rep would get an override on every dime they earned. They could have easily made ten times the average income in Mexico.

Over the first few months I interviewed seven different women, all of whom were very interested and I was certain that one of them would jump at the chance, but I could not have been more wrong. Not one of them took on the best career they could have ever had and I never earned a dime from the site. Huge disappointment and eventually forced me to return to Canada.