This was my first venture into building a network of city guides. In most countries like Ecuador there is no Yellow Pages so if something goes wrong, like your toilet leaks, you need to know somebody who knows somebody whose brother is a plumber. Even well established businesses rarely have an actual street address to find them. My city guides would change all that because I had an extensive Business Directory that included maps that used an actual GPS location. 

My first site was WelcomeToCotacachi where I lived. Once that site was up and running I would use it as a model for other cities and just change the local content. When I was looking to start the site for Ibarra I met a lady who had just quit the new company that had the Yellow Pages franchise and she was very excited to work with me. That all fell apart when her former boss, who had sexually assaulted her, threatened to kill her and her family if she started working with me. Such is life in a third world country.