In the two years I was in Mexico Patrick was my only paying client and he was very generous. 

I designed his new logo and built a very feature rich site for him. After I had sent him several theme suggestions he picked one called OnAir2. That turned into a bit of a disaster because I found the theme was priced at only $19 at one site and $69 at another so of course I jumped on the cheaper price and bought it, only to discover that it was only an HTML version, not WordPress. Totally useless. 

We then bought the right version and requested a refund of the wrong one; however, after numerous follow-up emails I don’t know to this day if Patrick ever got the refund. The developer of the theme proved to be very difficult to deal with and i struggled to use the theme. 

After far too many hours of struggling with the theme and getting no support I recommended to Patrick that we give up and I would start designing the site from scratch all over again using a better theme. He hesitated knowing just how much extra work that meant for me but said it was up to me, so I rebuilt the entire site using another theme. 

After building what I thought was one of the best sites I’d ever done Patrick decided that it would be too much work for him to keep his site updated and he wanted to go back to just using his Facebook page. Obviously I was unhappy that all the work I had done now amounted to nothing but it was his decision, not mine.