It was love at first sight with Patricia. The night we met at The Bar I went out for a smoke and saw her. She took my breath away. Despite my poor Spanish we talked for about an hour. I got bold and asked for her to put her phone number in my phone. Later when I got home I checked the number to see if she gave me a real number. I couldn’t find “Patricia” anywhere in my phone but eventually found her under “Esposa” (wife). What followed was the most torrid romance I’ve had in my life. My plans changed to coming back to Ecuador as soon as I could to marry her, but that all fell apart after I returned to Canada. She wanted money more than me. 

Some of these photos are from our last wonderful night at a posh resort. I have not included many of the photos so as not to offend her or her kids if she ever saw this and most of them are far too hot, even for the internet. Despite the fact that things ended so badly between us I did love her and miss her. I have often wished that things had gone better for us.