Another critical issue is hosting. You might have a great site, but if your host doesn’t have the equipment and technology for hi-speed internet connection, all the visitor will see is “waiting for…” Again, they won’t wait around. With more and more features being added to websites your host has to have the capacity to deal with your site and everybody else’s. And what happens when your site is down or you have a problem? Can you contact your hosting company quickly and do they respond with qualified help? Hosting is not just a matter of the lowest price.

For seven years now I have used Their pricing is competitive, but most importantly their support is unmatched. Websites aren’t perfect. Things happen. In a worst case scenario your site is suddenly gone! Do you have a backup? Probably not and all your hard work would be gone if your host doesn’t backup your site, including not only the thousands of files, but also your databases, every night. Bluehost does.