Discovered a site in my job search, and this was the free report they gave me. I was amazed at how well they captured who I am, job-wise anyway. It’s www.careerxactcom. Hey, if you are looking for anyone?

” My Personal Characteristics

Working with People

You are greatly interested in people and you probably reach better conclusions about others because you are alert to body language and vocal tone. With your excellent motivation to work with people, tasks that require social interaction will make the best use of your aptitude. Work that requires frequent, direct contact with others will satisfy you, but you will have more scope for your interest if there are occasionally more complex, social tasks such as negotiation or persuasion.

Working with Data

You have some motivation to handle facts and figures, but work that involves minimal use of data would interest you more than academic or accounting tasks, which require intensive data management. While frequent tasks requiring information skills would be tiresome for you, you could accept occasional data-related assignments.

Working with Things

When it comes to tools, equipment, and machinery, you are eager to get to work. You are enthusiastic about using inanimate objects and any job that requires physical tools will suit your positive motivation. If your career choice offers little or no opportunity to work with equipment, you might consider finding a practical outlet for your mechanical interests in hobbies or recreation.

My Personal Characteristics


With nearly balanced desires for both collaboration and competition, you can function equally well as either a team member or a leader. You will be tactful and considerate if a warm, fuzzy attitude is called for, but you can also be determined and even a little hardheaded to get a job done. Intellectually, you are well equipped to coordinate team efforts and you won’t back away from controversy.


Your drives to compete and cooperate are well balanced so that you are able to strike out on your own or collaborate with a group. While you will strive to achieve corporate goals and to maintain good team spirit, you also need individual recognition and you can function well as either a leader or a team member. In either capacity, you will give your best effort.


Being moderately assertive yet still willing to compromise, you can function as either a leader or a team member. In the right circumstances, particularly if you are taking a leadership role on a less controversial issue, you can be forthright and outspoken, yet you are polite to others and respectful of different points of view. Generally, you are confident in your decisions and you occasionally enjoy being in control but, as a team member, you will really shine as a peace-maker or mediator.


In shifting circumstances with an unpredictable workflow and few rules, you are free to use your innate spontaneity and to react to situations as they arise. Faced with a sudden challenge, you prefer creative, unorthodox solutions rather than “going by the book.” For you to work in a highly structured environment with an emphasis on traditional methods would require a significant adjustment.


Change, crisis, sudden demands – these problems are all within your scope because you are reasonably flexible and creative. As a moderately innovative person, you prefer to work in broad strokes and you may be less attentive to niceties and petty rules. If your career choice requires a more conventional approach with careful planning and concern for detail, you should have little difficulty to control your tendency to innovation and to follow more traditional methods of problem solving.


You regard yourself as a predominantly intuitive person and you prefer to react to events as they occur. You probably avoid planning well into the future because too much advance planning hinders your ability to respond in the moment. While you prefer to see the big picture and leave detailed strategy to others, you may want to develop more organizational skills if structure and order are important in your chosen career.


As a sociable, talkative fun seeker, you are a true extrovert. You probably enjoy being the center of attention and others admire your high spirits and impulsive behavior. A boisterous atmosphere with non-stop action is distracting for many but, for you, it could be the ideal place to work.

Group Oriented

Because you are extremely sociable, the ideal workplace for you is a lively setting full of people. You much prefer group projects and teamwork over solitary tasks, and you will be happiest when you have the support and approval of others. Work such as monitoring others and reporting on infractions, which could make you unpopular, would be very difficult for you as you put such a high value on companionship.


As an extremely outgoing, dynamic person, you like to be the center of attention and you are eager for challenge and excitement. Although you enjoy being with people, you are not particularly dependent on others for approval. It is the stimulation of social interaction that you want rather than the support. Being a risk-taker and needing novelty, you might be tempted to change jobs frequently and you have no fear of acting on impulse.


As a basically stable person, you strive to deal competently with change and you generally accept people at face value. You take criticism quite well and setbacks rarely defeat you. You are secure and emotionally hardy, and can remain calm even under considerable stress.


Basically poised, you usually cope well with criticism, rejection, and problems and you have a fairly rational view of life in general. Once in a while you might be upset or irritated, but you tend to remain calm and composed because you realize that few things in life proceed without challenge or setback.


As a basically relaxed person, you cope well with most of life’s pressures. You tend to accept others readily and you usually have a positive outlook. For the most part, you are able to keep your troubles in proportion and you do not worry unduly.

My Personal Feedback

Your personal feedback, as follows, provides an overview of your personality characteristics and interests:

Gary, please keep in mind that the following report on you as a total person is based on all the information taken from your careerXact assessment. This report is intended to help you understand more about yourself and your career options. Although based on objective, detailed assessments, no single report can sum up your full, distinctive character. The goal here is to provide you with valuable and unique insight into yourself and the careers that best suit your motivations, interests, and personality traits. Starting with motivations, your assessment shows that what you like best is working with people. You combine this tremendous interest in human relations with an above-average interest in tools and material objects and a moderate inclination for facts and figures. Your superior interests in human relations and hardware will give you an edge for tasks that require social activity and/or manipulative skills, but you will have to make a conscious effort to succeed at information management and working with data. Being a “hands-on” person with an excellent preference for human interaction, your style of problem-solving is likely to be more practical than theoretical and you will readily seek the opinions of others, but you will keep research and number-crunching to a minimum. For example, you could enjoy using a computer to discuss issues and communicate via the Internet or e-mail, but you would be less motivated to do lengthy reports or data analysis. In terms of computer tasks, you will be more inclined to use text-based software and graphics or digital art as compared with spreadsheets and databases. Your motivation to work with things, however, is not limited to computers: most tools, equipment, or machinery appeal to you, especially if these are used for communication.

Summing up your overall mindset, your first and foremost inclination is to work with people plus you have above-average interest in tools and equipment and moderate interest in data management. You thrive in the company of others and this is a great motivation in our new millennium. There are terrific opportunities for people like you who have the “human touch” as well as superior capability for technology.

Regarding your personality and how that fits with the opportunities you might consider, you probably already know that you are emphatic and self-assured and you don’t back away from competition, but that is only the beginning. Gary, your scores show that you are a strong team player and, while you will occasionally put the team’s goals ahead of your own, you like to be out front with your own ambitions. Although you are adaptable and willing to play whatever “role gets the goal,” you function better if your personal contribution is recognized. You rarely hesitate to put your ideas on the line and even aggressive opposition will not stop you. You can handle rough play and deal with disputes, but cutthroat competition is not your style and you are rarely hostile. In a dispute, you can make a convincing argument for your own views even when these might be controversial. On the other hand, if tactful maneuvering can get what you want, you are willing to try diplomacy and cooperation. Generally considerate of others, you will certainly defer to the group when that is the best action.

So how do you deal with both the sudden impact of a crisis and the humdrum of daily routine? Your personality traits are ideal for the quick changes of contemporary work: your assessment results show that you are both flexible and innovative. You react well to unexpected demands and you are happy to find new ways to solve problems. Following a set routine, however, is not so easy for you. Certainly, you can work within established guidelines but they must be loose enough to permit interpretation. You might be able to work with military precision but you still need some artistic license. Your workspace, for example, is likely to be a bit cluttered and untidy. You have to have some leeway to think for yourself. If the rules and regulations don’t let you react in your own way, you would have to gut it out to keep up to your usual level of accomplishment.

This on-your-toes attitude also shows in your approach to planning. You prefer to react to situations as they develop rather than to make detailed plans. There is a streak of daring in your approach to work so that doing a job “on the fly” is no problem for you. In the main, you are more concerned with getting the job done than how you do it. The gist of the careerXact appraisal of your character is that you combine creativity with flexibility, which makes for an outstanding job performance in a shifting and unpredictable environment.

You know how you react to most workplace issues, but what is the best environment for you to do your best work? Most often you will achieve your highest productivity when working with a group in a lively setting. You could also function in a noisy, chaotic environment but not for a prolonged period. Because you are friendly and outgoing, Gary, working in isolation would be an even worse hardship for you. In a group situation, you participate well because you have the ability to present your ideas with enthusiasm, while at the same time listening for feedback and casual debate. Your instinct may be to be the one doing the talking, but you will yield the spotlight to others because you are not driven to be the center of everyone’s attention.

In general, you are open to new acquaintances and fresh views, but you examine both new people and new ideas carefully before accepting them. While you enjoy change and new input, you are able to tolerate some monotony. Consequently, ideal work for you should require frequent interaction with groups, the development of new protocols along with some support of established procedures, and variable contact with newcomers. Long-term assignments should include a range of tasks and opportunity for growth. Challenging assignments and purpose-built solutions will all appeal to you, partly because they involve change but also because they provide a forum for you to prove your worth.

Finally, work often creates stress and how you deal with stress is crucial not only for job achievement but also for job satisfaction. The best job in the world is no good to you if it makes you sick with anxiety. You will be glad to know that your personality profile reveals that you are usually relaxed and rational and well able to cope with pressure. You almost never “lose your cool” and you find adversity stimulating. No doubt you think that few worthwhile goals can be achieved without challenges or setbacks. Consequently, you can usually remain positive and rational in any circumstances. Your objectivity also helps you to take criticism well. Even when the criticism is personal or unjustified, you will normally control your irritation or embarrassment.

With your ability to manage stress, you can do your best work on demanding, high-pressure projects. If you must manage a heavy workload in tiresome conditions with unreasonable deadlines, you are not likely to break down but you will need to exert yourself to maintain your focus and objectivity. However, because you take criticism well and strive to be objective, you will ordinarily be able to shrug off rejection and continue with your work. On the whole, whether you are required to give a fast response to a crisis or methodical attention to a routine task, you will work well under pressure. You are balanced and able in your approach to stress management.