Today would have been my forty-second anniversary

Yikes! That’s a lifetime. I don’t have any regrets that my twenty-three year marriage ended when it did. It was actually over long before I finally left. I made the same mistake that many people make – sticking around for the kids, when it didn’t end up making any difference anyway. I remember someone saying

To my dear Dad

Father’s Day brings memories of the worst day of my life, when my father died in my arms. I have been tormented by the memory of that day and it always brings on the tears. I would give anything to have him back, but the reality is he’s gone. I like to believe that he

Another Father’s Day without my kids

I will go to my grave forever regretting the loss of my kids. I did nothing to deserve this. If you have kids, treasure them and hold them forever close. If you are kids, never let a day go by without making an effort to stay in touch with your parents. They will not always

The Family Saga

This will be the hardest blog to write because what has happened with my kids is the biggest regret of my life. Those who knew me way back when, when the kids were young, know I was a “family man”. Nothing was more important to me.  I struggled with the fact that my own birth

My depressive thoughts while in Panama

As I spiral down into the abyss of depression, questioning my decision to come to Panama and reflecting on all that has gone so terribly wrong over the past year, I think of all the things I miss about my life in Canada. There are so many things we take for granted living in Canada,

Joy and Sorrow About My Daughter.

The combination of my birthday and nearly losing it because of my diabetes has given me cause for some reflections on life, particularly about my kids. As you know I reconnected, thanks to Facebook, with my son, Chris, last July. Although it hasn’t exactly gone as I hoped (I’ve had almost no contact with him)

Father and Son

Chris called me around six o’clock our time and we talked until 2:30 in the morning! After twelve years we had a lot of catching up to do, that’s for sure. Although we covered a lot of ground, obviously, the main things were:

One of those “Life Moments”

Haven’t had a whole lot of “personal” stuff to add to my blog, because, of course, with the reno I don’t have a personal “life” per say. lol. Nuttin’ but work, work, work.

As I reach the twilight of my life

As we grow up we take advice from friends and family, mostly our parents. It’s a little late to realize that my parents really didn’t talk to me or share their life lessons to help me to avoid the mistakes I’ve made. Now that I’ve lost both of them I realize that they were too

The day my family was dead to me

Even though I blogged about it before, it is impossible to really describe just how hard it was to get Mum into a care facility. Not a day went by that I wasn’t on the phone, harassing anyone who had anything to do with getting her into a facility where she needed to be. At

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