And how was your day?

No matter what, you have to see the humor in every day.

Although there is absolutely no humor in this part, and this one gets me angry, last night, Tuesday is movie night, and we go to Wendy's before the show. I heard her in the kitchen around five, opening the fridge and so on, then I hear those wonderful words, "come on Gary, get out here and cook dinner.", shouted ever so sweetly at the top of her lungs. To resist my kill instinct I stayed put, but a few minutes later I heard her playing with the microwave. When I went out to ask her what the hell she was doing, she said she was just getting us some dinner, as though she does that every day. I reminded her she hasn't cooked in three years, and we were going to Wendy's for dinner anyway.

When we went out, and she saw the Real Estate sign, you know, the one that's been here for a week now, she said, "oh, I have a new sign!". When we went out the park entrance, where the Real Estate has a sign for our place for "lakefront property", she said, "oh, our park has a new sign. I've never noticed that before." When we came back she said, "oh, we have a new sign on our house. Are we selling the place?"

Tonight, Wednesday, is Bingo night, as it is every Wednesday. And we go through the same turmoil each and every week, about money, dabbers, purse and so on. Every single week she wants to call her friend to tell her she's not feeling well and won't be going, then her friend calls her back to remind her about Bingo and she goes. Today she asked for the phone to call her, cause she wasn't feeling well, and I said, jokingly, that she calls her every week to tell her that. That set her off, yelling at me that she goes every single week and has never ever called to cancel. Fine. This week, her friend didn't call back for some reason, so Mum asked me for Nancy's number. I said it was on the table by the phone. When I heard the cursing I went out to see what was wrong, and she was mad because she couldn't dial the phone. The reason was because she was trying to call her on the TV remote control. I told her it would work better if she used the phone, which she did. She said her friend sounded disappointed, so she would go.

So then we get to go through the whole turmoil of money, dabbers, coat, purse and so on. It only took about five trips down to her bedroom to get everything. When I asked her to get her coat on, she said she wasn't going to bother to wear it because she had her sweater on. It's about minus ten degrees out, so that was a very bad plan.

Just another day in paradise!