Monthly Archives: June 2010

Diary of a Diabetic

Somewhat fatalistic, I know, but I thought I had best know the warning signs before I slip off into the diabetic coma. It’s been four weeks now without my meds, for the first time since being diagnosed way back in 2004. I was better off not knowing. With the sole exception of cognitive problems, which, as far as I know, I don’t have, I have every other symptom. Yikes!

The Fat Lady is singing her head off

As Sinatra sang it, “and now the end is near and I must face the final curtain”. For what seems like far too long now I have been fighting an uphill battle to just work hard and survive, but I just can’t catch a break. If it weren’t for my friend and colleague, Sieg Pedde, I would have been done in long ago. He brought my overdue car payments up to date, saving me from losing my car, which would have meant also losing my job, and he bailed me out last week when I had absolutely no money to live on.

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