Monthly Archives: December 2013

A day that changed my life forever

August 16th, 1969, the day I got married. How I met my soon to be bride was funny. I was at a house party with my then girlfriend, Bev Jackson when Janice and her friend Lynn came walking down the stairs. At the time I did not know that Lynn had already warned Janice about

My Princess

She came into my world on October 2nd, 1977 and changed my life forever. Her birth was momentous for several reasons. Back when Chris was born fathers weren’t allowed into the delivery room. I had to stand outside the entire nineteen hours of Janice’s labour listening to her moan and call out for me. With

How it all started

Way, way back in the last century, at the tender age of fifteen, I was sitting in the cafeteria at high school and, for some unknown reason, I started drumming on the table with two plastic knives. A guy came up to me, Chris Hayes, and asked if I was interested in joining a band

The lonliest time of the year

Although the popularly held belief that suicide rates increase at Christmas time is a myth, it can be a very difficult time for those of us alone at this family time of the year. With the increasing divorce rate, blended families, non traditional families and family members spread all over the globe, the idea of

Never give up

In these days of horrible customer service and big companies who try to throw their weight around and ignore their customers it’s important to never give in to their tactics and just keep being a pain in their ass until they eventually listen to you. This past year I’ve had some real challenges but I

What’s wrong with this country?

A recent survey found that over ninety percent of consumers are unhappy with customer service. Automated phone systems are often frustrating. Agents are untrained in the product or service. Offshore call centres are staffed with people who cannot understand or speak English. Large companies, mostly cable and telecom giants are viewed as greedy and out

Reflections on my 64th birthday

I suspect that, like many people, I am not where I expected to be at this stage of my life. In my romantic thoughts of youth I expected to have a loving family with a partner by my side, my kids and grand kids sharing their lives with me and maybe some travel once in

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