Closet architect? Maybe

Way, way back in my formative years I dreamed of becoming an architect. Even in my preteen years I was always drawing some house design, although it was with pencil and paper back then. I even built what I called a light table for tracing. Basically a sheet of glass with a light under it. Gradually I moved to CAD once I got my first computer. It was always more of a hobby because my parents couldn't afford to send me to college or university to get a degree. 

My passion has continued my whole life. My computer is packed with all kinds of projects, from home design to commercial projects. Years ago, back in Ecuador primarily, I got really interested in shipping container homes. The designs had really progressed and there were literally thousands of used containers sitting in the port in Guayaquil. Now I'm here in Mexico and wondering if shipping container homes are a possibility for Lakeside? When I wander around Google Earth I see all kinds of empty land that could be put to good use with these types of homes. I'm not sure where the used shipping containers would be here or if they are the newer height ones, but worth checking out. 

Here's my latest design -