The Wake-up Call

For most of my adult life I have woken up at 6:00 am. Not 5:59 am or 6:01 am, but on the dot of 6:00 am. It is a phenomenon I have never understood, despite much research on the internet but with no answers. When I moved out West back in 1993, traveling through Canada’s

Best birthdays

Having had sixty-four of them you would think more of them would stand out in my mind. Obviously where you are, who are your friends and your family situation all affect how you celebrate your birthday. Maybe it’s the ravages of aging but I don’t remember any particular birthday as a kid or even during

Diabetes – PLEASE heed this warning

Nine million Canadians are living with some form of diabetes. An estimated two million Canadians are undiagnosed. The number of people diagnosed with diabetes is projected to increase 56% over the next ten years. Juvenile diabetes has increased forty percent over the last ten years, mostly because of poor diet, physical inactivity and obesity.

So Much for the “Power” of Social Media

There was a job back in Kelowna with a company owned by the son of a colleague I had done business with many years ago. I thought it might be interesting and maybe help me get the job if I asked all my friends and colleagues to send a simple email to him with the

The Story of the Ring

Many years ago, when things were going a lot better for me, I bought a diamond ring which was from an estate sale. I paid $400 and had an independent appraisal of $1,200. I treasured that ring and only took it off when I was working doing messy renovations. After I had virtually everything stolen

Are we heading for an economic collapse?

Back when my in-laws were looking to buy their first home, first they saved for a couple of years to come up with a down payment of a couple thousand dollars. They then qualified for a mortgage with a twenty-five year term and an interest rate of around 5% for the entire term. New homes

If I had a million dollars

Those of us who play the lottery often muse on what we would do with all that money. It depends on how much we are talking about, of course. If it’s only a couple mil then that is barely enough to live out your life on, let alone afford any real luxuries like cars, yachts,

Thoughts on my 62nd birthday

People often say “I’m not in a good place right now”, usually meaning that something has brought them down temporarily. Seldom is it a reflection of their entire life status; however, in my case, it is, sadly. I’m writing this on my 62 birthday, documenting where my life is today, in the hopes that this

A really cheap meal

One box of Loblaws’ Butcher’s Choice burgers (very tasty) on sale for $4.99 for box of eight. D’Italiano Crustini buns, on sale for $2.77 for pack of eight. Cheese slice, Kraft singles on sale for $2.00, bit of mustard and mayo. Splurge on dill pickles, $2.97 for a small bottle of sliced. Dinner for eight nights, although not a

Distant memories

My mother, who, by her own admission, always joked she had a “mind like a sieve” for most of her life, was eventually diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and she died in 2007. I was her caregiver after my father passed away in 2005 and it was so sad to watch her mind disintegrate to the point