Rants And Raves

What’s more important – your job or your health?

This was my letter to Service Canada regarding filing for medical benefits – I find myself in an intolerable position with my current employer, Stream Global Services, here in London, and I need urgent advice. I started with this company October 12th, 2011 as a Customer Service Representative for the Bell Satellite TV contract. I

Think ICBC is a bad deal?

A few years ago I saw a small classified ad for a Ford Ranger. I was getting into renovating and needed a truck. After I went to the shop and decided to buy the truck I wanted to leave my car for some bodywork to sell it, so I needed plates and insurance to be

The Joys of dealing with Rogers.

Michael A. Adams Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer Rogers Cable, Inc. 333 Bloor Street East, 7th Floor Toronto, ON M4W 1G9 Dear Mr. Adams: Although, based on my experience with your company so far it is painfully clear that you don’t care what customers think, or things would change, I wanted to detail

The Saga of my Boat (Published)

This is an article that was published way back in May, 1996 in The Daily Courier. The newspaper I have carried around with me all these years is starting to crumble, so I thought it best to get it saved on my site before it completely disintegrates.  The Heading was Society must review Young Offenders Act with


Over TEN years ago, 1999 to be exact, I sent a proposal to Microsoft which was, essentially, the forerunner to what today we call “cloud computing”.

Do you know what UBB is? You soon will

UBB stands for Usage Based Billing and is often incorrectly referred to as bandwidth caps. Most people agree that a bandwidth cap refers to the speed, or the concept of throttling back your internet access speed.  It is a creeping cancer being implemented by huge telcos like Bell and Rogers, and threatens to send the use of the internet back

What ever happened to the “Smart Box”?

Years ago I read an article about the Smart Box that would soon be in every home and would revolutionize how we receive our television, telephone, music, games and movies.  It would be a single conduit into the home and would deliver all the services throughout the home, with no wires. The discussion at the time was

Would you believe it gets worse?

If you wonder why there are so many homeless people, consider my situation. After the fiasco with the Salvation Army Centre of Hope, where they kicked me out because they screwed up, costing me a 42 day stay, they sent me to the Mission mens’ shelter. It was now after August 1st, so they said

HSBC, The Heartless Bank

Admittedly I write this very angry and upset. Just when you think nothing else can come along to beat you down, along comes HSBC, The Heartless Bank. After months of searching for any kind of work, without success, I finally managed to get a job at just above minimum wage, just in time for Christmas.

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