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Saddest day of my life

Interior Health finally called Friday and they had a bed for Mum. I had to get her in right away or lose the spot. After the fiasco with Hawthorne, where she attempted to get out of the car while we were driving there, I didn’t think I could go through that experience again. I thought about having my sister take her in Sunday, but I knew she couldn’t handle it. If she freaked when Mum reacted the way I knew she would, then we would lose our spot and go to the bottom of the list, and it would be another eight months.

Just another day

My buddy Wade flew in yesterday and is staying with us for a few days. He was just here at Christmas and stayed with us then too. He asked about Mum, as he always does, and was happy that she at least remembered him when he was here at Christmas. I told him things were worse, and not to count on it this time.

And how was your day?

No matter what, you have to see the humor in every day.

What a sad system!

It’s now been three weeks since Mum’s status was upgraded to “emergency” first available bed. Some emergency, eh? I even have our provincial MLA’s office calling them every day to find out if a spot has become available. When I first contacted them it was to see if there was any way for me to get any assistance to help us survive. They ran into the same roadblock – that I “chose not to work”. Talk about out of touch with reality/. Like I have a choice? Failing that they said they had some “special contacts” who could get around the system, and get her treated as a priority. Yeah, right. Three weeks later and nothing.

A new low

Those of you familiar with the regression of Alzheimer’s know there are various stages of the disease – each worse than the previous stage. My mother has been a stage two for years, but has recently gotten worse. Because of our worsening financial situation I had no choice but to take on a job for a friend, removing sod and planting cedar trees for her – a brutal job and one I had to be away from Mum for, obviously. It wasn’t far away, and I only worked for a few hours at a time, coming home to feed her and check on her. On Saturday, my sister was coming down from Revelstoke, and I had written a note on mum’s “memory board” reminding her what time Wendy would be here. I reminded her I was on my cell if she needed me and left notes with my number.

Christmas 2005

The Beatles sang “So This is Christmas”. Oh, so very fitting for Christmas 2005 – the worst Christmas in my life.
It was going to be hard enough with being the first one without my Dad, on top of missing my kids as always, as I have for over ten years now. I miss them terribly every single day of the year, but Christmas always stirs up those very fond memories of great Christmas days gone passed.

Worst day yet..

The best laid plans. I was scheduled to take a Business Development course through Community Futures, starting next Monday and running four weeks. This would not only have helped me to realize my dream, but would have provided EI for up to forty-six weeks, which would certainly have helped.

Giving my site a purpose

Not sure about this idea, but maybe it will help others in my situation. I’d like to devote this part of my site to helping caregivers who deal with a family member who suffers from Alzheimer’s. Maybe some shared stories and ideas will help others to cope with this terrible disease. Worth a try anyway.

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