Monthly Archives: August 2006

Traffic Lights – Did You Know This?

When you arrive at an intersection and the lights change, did you ever wonder why? I did. This is the very thorough answer I received from the RCMP:

Needed – one good woman

Like many people looking for that special someone, I belong to sites like Lavalife, Plenty of Fish, Yahoo and Hot or Not. It can get a little frustrating sometimes because many of the women SAY they are looking for email, chat or to meet new people, but they never respond when you contact them. What’s

Fantasy Women

Hopefully I’m not the only one who has these thoughts and I’m just the one who admits them in public. Many years ago I thought of publishing a book containing my fantasies about women I had met or had seen, thinking people might buy it to see if they were in there and what I

The Weekend

Have to keep some balance here. Weekend wasn’t great, for obvious reasons, but I did manage to keep busy, despite the pain in my foot and in my heart. Went to Penticton Saturday to Peachfest with Sylvie, and to see my band – The Salmon Armenians. Although I wanted to stay to see The Powder

Sad thoughts

This one ain’t pretty. Some of you may know that Gary Athens, the former champion skier, and most recently, Real Estate agent, died. He was diabetic. He was 51. I am diabetic. I am 56. You just never know what lies ahead. Not all of us write from the heart. I do, unfortunately. I’ve had

Sometimes life sucks the big one

Haven’t heard a thing from the police, naturally. I’ve been out driving around almost every night hoping beyond hope to find the little shit. Guess it’s a good thing in a way because I’d lose it on him and be charged myself. I am so miffed about losing all of the pictures from the weekend.

The coast was clear

Promised a follow-up on the weekend. Didn’t think it would be quite this early today, but, yes, I’m home already and pretty blue, so here goes the therapy. Lots of good and some very major bad – I lost one of the only remaining pairs of my contacts – the “thirty day” ones I’ve now

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