Monthly Archives: October 2011

If I had a million dollars

Those of us who play the lottery often muse on what we would do with all that money. It depends on how much we are talking about, of course. If it’s only a couple mil then that is barely enough to live out your life on, let alone afford any real luxuries like cars, yachts, or homes we wouldn’t be able to afford. If it’s an insane amount like the recent fifty million, well then the imagination runs wild. We could change the world, right?

Thoughts on my 62nd birthday

People often say “I’m not in a good place right now”, usually meaning that something has brought them down temporarily. Seldom is it a reflection of their entire life status; however, in my case, it is, sadly. I’m writing this on my 62 birthday, documenting where my life is today, in the hopes that this time next year things will be a whole lot better. Either that or I’ll be dead, which is a good possibility as well.

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