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The Mavericks


Oh what a thrill it was to see The Mavericks again! They played the Western Fair here in London and they were simply amazing. You would have thought they were playing in front of thousands of fans, just like the old days. They played for nearly an hour and a half straight with barely time to take a breath in between songs, then came back for an encore which included a fan favorite –

The last time I got to see The Mavericks was at the Merritt Mountain Music Festival. The act before them was an hour and a half late, which really annoyed the crowd, who were all waiting for The Mavericks. If you’ve ever been to the festival you know they shut down at midnight, period. We were all starting to panic when The Mavericks didn’t start until just before midnight. They just kept playing and playing and the crowd of some fifteen thousand people loved it. Festival management was smart enough not to piss off fifteen thousand people. The Mavericks played for a solid hour and then tried to leave, but the crowd would have none of that. Fifteen thousand people screaming “more! more!” brought them right back on stage. This happened over and over again until they had played until at least two o’clock in the morning, but we all still wanted more. It was by far the very best concert I have ever been to. They had the whole crowd –

Although I love every single song they play, the best thing about The Mavericks is how much fun they have on stage. They love playing and they eat it up when the crowd responds. Even in London, where the venue was pathetically small and there were only a few hundred people it didn’t matter one bit to the band. You could just tell how much fun they were having regardless of the small crowd and they were so happy to be back playing again. They had to eventually call it a night and, well, that was –

Diabetes – PLEASE heed this warning

diabetesNine million Canadians are living with some form of diabetes. An estimated two million Canadians are undiagnosed. The number of people diagnosed with diabetes is projected to increase 56% over the next ten years. Juvenile diabetes has increased forty percent over the last ten years, mostly because of poor diet, physical inactivity and obesity.

Life Lessons Learned Too Late – How one mistake can ruin your life.

When you are young and foolish you make mistakes in judgment that are just part of growing up. Sometimes you “get in with the wrong crowd” with peer pressure to do something you know is wrong. If you get away with whatever stupid thing you did, well, that’s just exciting, right? If you get caught; however, that’s a whole different story. Especially these days with so much video being shot of those dumb moments, like the riots in Vancouver. In Kelowna there was the case of the kids who stole an SUV and trashed it, recording every moment of their crime like idiots.

Courier Companies. Do website programmers check their own sites?

It was a simple request. I wanted to ship my old computer to a friend in the Okanagan. I wanted it to arrive in a few days and I wanted to make sure it was handled carefully.

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