Kelowna 8 Ball Association

This was one of the very first sites I did for a sports organization. It was one of my best. It had an opening header GIF of a stick hitting the cue ball. It had a complete members list with their contact information, which proved particularly useful when team captains had to find a spare. I also had all the weekly stats from games and this took hours every week. I also had sponsorship for all the bars that were in the league. 

When I left BC in 2007 I tried to get someone to take it over but no one wanted the job. 

The Mexico Today Group

This was going to be the parent company for all the domains I registered for every town and village around Lake Chapala. 

Prism Career Networks

This was when I lived in London, Ontario. I applied for a government funding program to start a business and this was in support of my application, which was approved. I received monthly funding for just over a year. I also went to various seminars in St. Thomas which were very helpful. 

The site was based on my experience with the True Colors program and offered a number of very unique ways to assess your skills to determine what career you were best suited for. 

Palm Travel

This was a local business in Boquete, Panama. They didn’t have a website when I met them so I did one for them. Before I had a chance to meet with them to discuss the site the business closed down. 

Okanagan Manufactured Home Owners Association

This was the forerunner to what became the Canadian Manufactured Home Owners Association.