Why do people do this?

There’s no shortage of internet scams and frauds, and the police or the RCMP Fraud Centre seem powerless to stop them, but how can people be so cruel to do this to innocent victims? Yeah, I was dumb enough to fall for it, but there’s a lot of history on this.

I could literally write a book on some of the strange experiences I’ve had with various girls who I’ve met on Facebook Messenger, Google Chat and WhatsApp. There was Thana, who said she was trapped in Afghanistan with her nine year old son. Her husband, a soldier, had been killed and left her with millions of dollars in a bank account in Turkey that she couldn’t access without physically going to the branch, but she couldn’t leave the country. Over a long and complicated process I was to contact the bank and tell them that Thana wanted to come to Canada to marry me and I needed access to her money to fund her and her son’s trip. At one point I had to give my bank information for the bank in Turkey to deposit one million dollars, something I was very nervous to do, but she convinced me that she loved me and really wanted to be with me, so I gave my bank information to her “bank manager”. Within minutes she had cleaned out my account. I reported this to my bank and luckily they reversed the charges and reported all the transactions as fraud. Of course she denied ever doing this, but that was the last time I heard from her.

Then there was Adrianna Grace. Again she chatted with me over several weeks, eventually saying how much she loved me and wanted to be with me. She said she really wanted to video chat with me but she needed a new phone. She said she lived north of London, Ontario so I spent an hour online with cell phone carriers seeing what kind of deal I could get for her. Then in one of our many chats she said she wasn’t feeling well because she was starving. I said I had a fifty dollar gift card from one of the grocery stores and could send it to her if she gave me her address, which she did and off went the card.

Days later, after I asked her if she got the gift card okay, I guess in a rare moment of honesty, she told me she didn’t live where she said she did, in fact, she didn’t even live in Canada! She was somewhere in the States. I asked her why she had me spend all the time with Canadian cell phone carriers, and who got the gift card? She was sorry and her friend enjoyed the gift card. Never heard from her again.

Then there was Mary Hannah, although I doubt that was her real name. She friended me on Facebook then we started chatting on Google Chat, and for hours and hours. She was one of those girls who wanted to sell her sexy videos and I offered to help. Like many of the women who sell their videos she also shared one of her naked, playing with her pussy. I suggested that this is not what men really want so over the course of many hours I wrote a script for her telling her exactly what to do and what to show. She loved the concept and said she would record the video and send it to me “right away”. Hours later of course she came back saying she had done the video but needed money for her internet to upload it to me. I sent her the twenty bucks she asked for, but, naturally, got no video. She said she lived in Toronto and wanted to come and visit me in Belleville, but she needed money for gas and asked for twenty or thirty dollars. With the current price of gas I said that would not even get her here, let along back home, but she said she had gas in her car and just needed more. I sent her the money and she said she was on her way. An hour or so later she messages me telling me she is out of gas and if I send her some more money she will be here soon. I ask her to tell me exactly where she is but she can’t tell me, probably because she’s still at home. Later she tells me she’s here in Belleville but stuck at a gas station because she needs more gas. I ask what gas station she’s at and she gives me an address where there is no gas station, of course. Then she sends a bunch of messages saying she will be forced to sleep in her car if I don’t send more money for gas. I tell her to get the gas station attendant to phone me, but she says he refuses to call. I tell her leave her car and get a cab to my place but she says the driver won’t take her unless she gives him twenty dollars. I tell her to have the cab driver phone me, but she says the driver doesn’t have a phone. I tell her that every cab driver has a phone for dispatch. Finally she says she’s not coming and going back home. I ask how she’ll do that if she has no gas? End of story. Nothing but lies. She was never here.

The final straw was the worst. A long term friend on Google Chat, Sarah Logan, told me her friend, Sandra Scott, who was “like a sister”, wanted to meet me. She put us in touch on Chat and we started chatting. Over the course of the next few hours she said she really wanted to meet me. She sent several very attractive photos to tease me. She just needed “gas money” to come, of course. I explained that I had just been ripped off by someone else who wanted to visit me, so I wasn’t going to fall for that again. Over several hours it got so bad that she said she was booking an Uber to come and needed a hundred dollars. She promised to spend several days with me if I would just help her out. I asked if I sent her a hundred dollars to get her how was she going to get home? I was clear that I had no more money to give her, but she said she would borrow money from a friend to get back home. The story was getting more and more fishy, but I really wanted her to come and stay for a few days. The minute I finally sent her the money she disappeared.

I went back to Sarah and told her what her “friend” had done to me. She was livid and said she would contact Sandra. She came back saying she was furious with Sandra and that she would return my money. The next day Sandra came back on chat to say she was really sorry, but she had a “medical emergency” and needed ninety dollars for meds. She insisted that she would pay me back, but I didn’t believe her and ended our chat.

Oh, but there’s more to the story!

Several days later Sarah contacted me again to say that Sandra was so disappointed that she hadn’t come to spend some time with me. Despite what had happened she insisted that Sandra could be trusted, saying that if I sent “gas money” to Sandra again, and she didn’t come, Sarah would pay me back. At one point I was chatting with both of them, arguing back and forth about sending her the money. I told Sandra to come and the minute she showed up I would get her the gift card for a hundred bucks. No deal because she needed “gas money” to come. Over the next few hours she made all kinds of juicy offers to sleep with me, which only made me more suspicious, but throughout this chat with Sandra there’s Sarah telling me it would be the best thing I could ever do because there could be more with Sandra. She could be the girlfriend of my dreams and stay with me. I broke down and sent the money. Sandra said she was on her way. At least this time she didn’t disappear on me after she got my money.

About two hours later I get another message saying she’s run out of gas. She even includes a map showing where she is and that she’s thirty-six minutes away. She says she needs thirty dollars but I send her fifty because we’re going to use her car for the next few days that she’s here with me, doing all the things we talked about. About an hour later she messages me telling me where she is, but she can’t find me. The street name she gave was about a block away so I give her directions and tell her she’s five minutes away. Awhile later I get another message saying that her car has broken down and she’s on a street miles from where she just was. She says there’s a guy there who will bring her to me for fifty bucks and to send it right away because her phone is dying. I tell her there’s no way I’m going to pay some guy fifty bucks when she’s only minutes away from me. She replies that there’s a bunch of “bad guys” there and she’s in danger. Her phone dies, so I call a cab and we wander the street she said she was on, but there’s no car broken down and no her. I got back home and suddenly her phone is magically charged and she attacks me saying she is going to need to get a motel now and she “hates me”.  I guess she hates me for realizing that she is still in Ottawa and not here.

I’ve had enough. I email Sandra telling her that I have our chat records. I’ve contacted Google who say they have her IP address and will release it to the police. I have her Google Chat information and will get her account suspended with Google. I have spoken with Amazon and they will suspend her account for “suspicious activity”. I will file a report with the RCMP Fraud centre within twenty-four hours if she doesn’t return the money she extorted from me. I will also publicly expose her on Facebook to warn others about her. No response from her. I file the report and here’s the post.

Be warned!



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