Monthly Archives: August 2010

From the streets

The welfare system seems to be designed not to help you in your time of need, but rather to punish you for the mistakes you may have made.

My analogy is that I was quite a few rungs up that proverbial ladder, with a promising job and a place to live and food in my belly. Through various circumstances I slipped off and fell down a few rungs on the ladder, eventually falling off the ladder onto the ground, laying in my filthy bed at the Mission in oppressive heat and I knew I had hit rock bottom.

Would you believe it gets worse?

If you wonder why there are so many homeless people, consider my situation. After the fiasco with the Salvation Army Centre of Hope, where they kicked me out because they screwed up, costing me a 42 day stay, they sent me to the Mission mens’ shelter. It was now after August 1st, so they said I could stay there for the 42 days. Although not the best place in the world, at least I had a bed, meals and a place to shower. There was a tiny glimmer of hope.

How much can one man take?

When you fall down that ladder, one rung at a time, and finally slip off the bottom rung and fall on the ground, you believe, bad as it is, that you have finally hit rock bottom. There’s nowhere left to go, right?

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