Other Considerations

In addition to your host there are issues with your domain search and registration and what's called SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which is how you will rank on searches. With a couple hundred million sites vying for attention how will people find you?

Although the way that the major search engines index your site is changing, we use a combination of what are called meta-tags and meta-names, basically everything people would enter om a search. Some are pretty basic, like location and your business, but others can be just as important. I know of one site who had no search words, not even their city and guess where they came up? Page 56! Now who would go that far searching for anything? On most searches you need to come up in the first few pages, preferably page one, but that's not always easy to do.

A couple of other considerations on where your site is going to come up in the results is how current your content is, such as a blog and whether you have any dangerous site links on your site. This happens when you don't have the proper security in place on the comments you allow on your site, and people post comments with links to dangerous or adult sites. Google will drop your ranking instantly if they discover these links on your site. Sometimes a simple math calculation to prove the poster is human works, but they are getting more sophisticated these days and can sometimes get passed these measures.

There's a lot to consider with any website. The first smart choice is to deal with someone who knows what they are doing and has YOUR best interests at heart.