Monthly Archives: November 2013

Dirt Bikes over the years

Thanks to my Dad mostly, I had many great bikes over the years. Way back when I was sixteen and still in school I bought a Honda 90 street bike to get back and forth quickly instead of the long bus tour home. Great as it was to be able to get around cheaply, I

Dirt-Biking Heaven

With the exception of the birth of my daughter, nothing in life has given me more joy than dirt-biking. My Dad introduced me to dirt-biking way back in 1978 when I went out West for a visit. He was so anxious to have me go biking with him that he bought a Honda 125 before

The Wake-up Call

For most of my adult life I have woken up at 6:00 am. Not 5:59 am or 6:01 am, but on the dot of 6:00 am. It is a phenomenon I have never understood, despite much research on the internet but with no answers. When I moved out West back in 1993, traveling through Canada’s

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