My Life

My recent health scare has got me to thinking back on my life and asking myself if I have made a difference. I’ve made my share of mistakes, no question, and I never thought I would be where I find myself today. For the first time in my life I am aware of my frailties and accept that I am not indestructible anymore. At previous times in my life I have been very active and felt fantastic and the thought of dying never crossed my mind. Not anymore. Now I am pleasantly surprised when I wake up every day. My body is a wreck, full of aches and pains I never thought I would have. I feel so very old.

While I still have my mind, or most of it, I am going to take this opportunity to chronicle various aspects of my life, hopefully for the amusement of friends who have shared my life, and for my children, who have brought me the most joy and the most pain in my life. That I have two children and five grandchildren, none of whom will talk to me, is the biggest regret of my life. I have never understood what I did to deserve being cutoff completely, or why they cut my entire family out of their lives either. It will be a regret I take to the grave.

I do have a website where I hoped to make a difference –, but I can’t afford to host it anymore so my thoughts will now be posted here, for what they are worth. I am going to deal with things like my various work experience, the women of my life, where I have lived my life, the friends I have known and, in general, try to document my life in a way that is a good read, at least for someone.

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