The Women

Poem – Denise

Fallen Angel Dark thoughts overwhelm me in every way So hard to write without tears today My heart is broken, my soul laid bare Impossible to go on with no one to care. You came into my life by pure chance Was this to be my last shot at romance? You were my once in

The Women in My Life

This is a tough one for me, only because I revere women and my memory isn’t what it used to be, so I am terrified of leaving someone out. I doubt many of them will even remember me, so hopefully that means they won’t be offended. The ones who were special to me know who

Poem – Denise – On Valentine’s Day

On Valentine’s Day, 2010 My vision for this Valentine’s Day cannot come true The cabin in the woods, the roses, just me and you There was wine and strawberries with cream The kind of things of which you can only dream. To kiss and to cuddle and make love all night To show you my

Poem – Maybe a new beginning?

Never in my life have I been this sad So many things are making me mad These lines I write to get it all out Venting my pain is what it’s about. How did I get to this place in my life? So grief stricken and filled with strife. My fair share of mistakes I’ve

A ray of sunshine comes into my life

They say love comes along when you are not looking for it. Never more true than with my new love, DW. It’s a long story, but she was a friend of a friend who I had met through The more we talked (and you know how I hate to talk) the more we connected.

Poem – Denise – Meeting

She came into my life by pure accident Time on MyYearbook I had never spent But by a twist of fate I had go to the site Something inside of me told me it’s right. It’s said love comes along when you’re not looking Maybe it’s just a matter of being more willing? No matter.

Poem – Denise – Birthday

Promise Just like the dawn of a new day Hope blossoms in a special way Thoughts of what might be fill my heart She’s special, that I knew from the start Like so many people we met on the net We kidded; we flirted; had fun and yet She was with another so part of

Trouble even with a Panama girl

Is it alright to say “awoke” when you really never slept? Last night was one of the worst nights of my life and I awoke only to find we have no power, yet again. Can’t make coffee. No internet. My precious food in the freezers is in jeopardy. Certainly not what I need this morning!

Poem – Tawni

Happy ‘n Sad You ask how I am, well, happy ‘n sad A strange mix of sorrow and glad Happy for the time that we shared Sad in a way that so much I cared. Happy to have held you in my arms To have had a glimpse of your charms. Sad that you’re now

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