Monthly Archives: August 2009


August 21st, opening day of the CNE, the “EX” as it’s known. I questioned if it was a good idea to go on this day as admission was only $1.75 instead of the usual $15, so I figured it might be a zoo. Unfortunately, I was right.

Poem – Denise – Meeting

She came into my life by pure accident Time on MyYearbook I had never spent But by a twist of fate I had go to the site Something inside of me told me it’s right. It’s said love comes along when you’re not looking Maybe it’s just a matter of being more willing? No matter.

Poem – Denise – Birthday

Promise Just like the dawn of a new day Hope blossoms in a special way Thoughts of what might be fill my heart She’s special, that I knew from the start Like so many people we met on the net We kidded; we flirted; had fun and yet She was with another so part of

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