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Poem – Denise

Fallen Angel

Dark thoughts overwhelm me in every way
So hard to write without tears today
My heart is broken, my soul laid bare
Impossible to go on with no one to care.

You came into my life by pure chance
Was this to be my last shot at romance?
You were my once in a lifetime love
Such a wonderful gift from above.

My life was in ruins until you came along
To fill me with joy and in my heart put a song.
From the moment we met that fateful day
I knew you were special in every way.

We laughed; we texted, we talked every day
We made love in the most incredible way
It was the first time I understood “you complete me”
In every minute of every day I thought you would be.

Now my heart is broken, my soul filled with grief
Looks like this wonderful love will be so brief
Where once every single day you needed me
You have chosen without me you prefer to be.

No longer you need to hear the sound of my voice
Out of your life is now your very sad choice.
Cast aside like last week’s news
I never thought I’d be the one to lose.

You had such passion, such love to give
Your small imperfections I’d easily forgive.
For me you were a beacon of light
Together just felt so incredibly right.

But hoping and wishing that someday you will care
Clinging so desperately to this thought I do not dare
Oh, the hurt and the pain, I am so forlorn
Today I wish I had never been born.

Where once every day you filled my life with joy
Now without you there is nothing to enjoy
My very being has been wrapped up in you
Without you in my life I don’t know what to do.
You made me feel important, loved and wanted so bad
Even with Emily you made me feel like a Dad
It felt like “family”, something so important to me
I believed that some day, together we would be.

There has been so much that I will cherish forever
That I will ever forget you? No never!
The girls. What colour? Has anyone told you today? Oh, so true!
These were all things that I thought were special to you.

I am where I am because I fell so in love with you
Now I am lost and don’t know what to do.
You have made it clear that you are done with me.
That’s a dagger in my heart and it will surely kill me.

We have shared so much and I’ve been there for you
I’ve tried to help with what you needed to do
That made me feel so good and I hoped some day
I’d be with you and Emily to live together every day.

I know now you don’t love me, but I hope you can see
That without you I am struggling as bad as it can be.
Please think about what we’ve had again and again
Try to be patient and understand my incredible pain.

Don’t cast me aside in my hour of need
Please hear my call for help and heed.
To never feel my arms around you again
Brings tears of sadness and incredible pain.

For Sarah to be loved by someone else now
Tears at my heart and I don’t know how
I will ever get over you, I don’t think I can
I wanted so desperately to be your man.

Life without you is what I dread
I am so much better off dead.
Know that you are the most important thing in my life.
My biggest regret is that I can’t make you my wife.

I feel worthless, lonely and filled with doubt
To be in love is what life’s all about
With no one to care whether you live or die
To go on each day, you have no idea why.

I will never regret one minute that we have shared
It was so very amazing that for a while you cared.
I am left a broken man, so horribly sad and upset
But not one minute we shared will I ever regret.

You were my Angel, my love and my reason to be
Please never forget how important you are to me
Without your love I have nowhere to go
Yes, you’ll forget me, but always know

You were my one Babygirl and I will love you for all eternity.

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